East Stand Development: In Pictures

In Leeds United by The Square Ball

Following FaxMan’s update on What Ken Said about the East Stand development, we at The Square Ball checked the Leeds City Council website to see if we could find any more information about just what works are being done to the ‘magnificent, new’ (circa 1993) East Stand. Lo and behold, a whole new batch of images were uploaded just this last Monday, and so we now present the most useful of them for your perusal. Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view.

The works, leading one day to Bates’ Motel, are to be done in five phases, of which the introduction of a second tier of boxes to the East Stand is only the first. The list of phases (without any hint of a timeline) can be seen in the images below:






These cutaway images show the full scheme with all five phases completed, and give the clearest hint of the internal changes and how the East Stand will look from inside the ground:





For now, with phase one complete, the outside of the East Stand will look like this:




But eventually, the East Stand will look like this:




Here is the view of what is now the site of Billy’s Statue:




And here’s a view from inside the new arcade:





Bates and Harvey complained recently to the press about Leeds Council being unwilling to pay for the realignment of Lowfields Road, claiming it was part of Leeds Council’s regeneration plans for the area; but as the phased process described above and the map below show, the Lowfields Road needs to be moved mainly to accommodate the hotel and arcade:





The plans for Lowfields Road don’t end there, as this ‘masterplan’ shows potential new retail buildings opposite the East Stand. Note also that the new location for Billy’s Statue, which has always been described as ‘temporary,’ seems to be permanent:






Finally, here’s a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to who owns what down Elland Road way:




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